$250,000 Donation to “Save Saint-Édouard”

Rio Tinto has proudly donated $250,000 to the “Save Saint-Édouard” fundraising campaign. Martin Lavoie, Operations Director, Wharf Facilities & Railway Services at Vaudreuil Works, and Stéphanie Gignac, Director of Operations at P155, announced the contribution on 9 December 2021.

“The Rio Tinto Aluminium Canada Fund is proud to support the establishment of a library in this historic building,” said Lavoie. “This project will both create a new community space and improve access to books and new technologies. The added study rooms and modern equipment will also support academic achievement and encourage young families to stay in the region.”

Also present for the announcement were Martin Saint-Pierre, President of Patrimoine Saint-Édouard, and Raynald Simard, Municipal Councillor and Representative for the Borough of La Baie. Saint-Pierre extended his heartfelt thanks to Rio Tinto, noting that, along with other major corporate contributions received in the last few months, the significant donation represents an important step toward the campaign’s $1.5-million goal.

The support of Rio Tinto and other industry partners is critically important,” said Saint-Pierre. “Today’s announcement is a testament to the outstanding commitment of our partners, donors and residents, who, ever since this campaign started, have shown in so many ways how important it is to support and uplift heritage conservation in our beautiful region.”

Founded in 2016, Patrimoine Saint-Édouard originated as a grassroots movement and now promotes the development, conservation and restoration of the heritage building Saint-Édouard’s Church, as well as the revitalisation of the Port-Alfred neighbourhood. These goals reflect the values of Rio Tinto, which has long been known to invest in major projects and initiatives aiming to improve the economic vitality, quality of life and sustainability of our communities.