New Documentary Captures People Making History, Past and Present

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In honour of the anniversaries of Vaudreuil Works and Port Facilities and Railway Services, which last year celebrated 85 and 95 years respectively, Rio Tinto has commissioned a new documentary film from local production company Les Films de La Baie.

The one-hour documentary required several months of preparation from October to May. Its purpose is to acknowledge the generations of workers, past and present, who have made and continue to make essential contributions not only to our company but also to the region, all while allowing us to prepare the future.

The facilities group, which includes Vaudreuil Works, Port Facilities and Railway Services, and Distribution Jonquière, is highly diverse in terms of geographic location, operations and trades practised. “The film gives the families of our employees, the community that has welcomed us for almost a century, and our colleagues from other regional facilities a great opportunity to learn about us in greater depth and in a different light,” said Martin Lavoie, Operations Director of Vaudreuil Works, Port Facilities and Railway Services, and Distribution Jonquière.

The effort and professionalism put into producing the film is evident in the picture quality, cinematography and interviews.

People making history

Throughout the documentary, current employees generously share their daily routines, and retired employees recount fond memories of their time at our facilities.

“With this project, it was important for us to show our facilities through the eyes of our people,” said Lavoie. “We owe it to them—to their skill and dedication—that our facilities, which are the foundation of the regional aluminium production value chain, have been able to stand the test of time by constantly reinventing themselves. It’s thanks to them that we have a future to look forward to. For many of us, Rio Tinto is first and foremost a family affair.”

The documentary also showcases the longstanding relationship between Vaudreuil Works, Port Facilities and Railway Services, and the surrounding community. Among other figures, it highlights the contributions of Carl Dufour, President of the Jonquière Borough, and Raynald Simard, President of the La Baie Borough, who discuss their involvement with neighbourly relations committees.

Also featured are Jacynthe Côté, former CEO of Rio Tinto Alcan, Mélanie Lapierre, Coordinator of Suicide Prevention Centre 02, and Sophie Lebeuf, a local artist who features bauxite in her paintings.

Management set up indoor screenings of the film, wanting to create a memorable moment with employees and their families, retirees, contractors and community members.

Four other screenings were then held in three different locations (La Baie, Chicoutimi and Arvida) for an audience of 520. The fourth and final public screening opened to a packed house on 20 April, at the Théâtre Palace Arvida.


“I thought the documentary did a great job of showing the full spectrum of Rio Tinto. For the next generation, it’s exciting to join such a dynamic work environment that has so much going on. I myself have been working for the company for 25 years and have gotten to hold several different positions thanks to the diversity of our operations, which is really motivating.”
—Steeve Tremblay, Distribution Jonquière employee.

“It was nice to learn more about the manufacturing process. The employees were very good at explaining things, and I understand it more clearly now. It was also a great behind-the-scenes look at the facilities, so that felt special.”
—Audrey Tremblay, spouse of a Port Facilities employee.

“My husband has worked at Vaudreuil Works for years, and whenever he talks about his work, I always find it very abstract. The documentary was great because it gave me images to put to the names of places—it was like a guided tour. I really enjoyed it.”
—Chantale St-Pierre, spouse of a Vaudreuil Works employee.

“Even though I’m a Rio Tinto employee, I didn’t necessarily know the full extent of our facilities. I’m proud to see that my company is constantly innovating and finding solutions to continue its operations. The documentary showed that above the money, it’s the people that matter and that are the heart of everything we do.”
—Martin Bouchard, Vaudreuil Works employee

Watch the film on our YouTube channel.