Inauguration of Espace Aluminium in Chicoutimi

Espace Aluminium
Photo : Jeannot Levesque

Promoting the aluminium industry and helping the companies that revolve around it develop and innovate, that is the mission of Espace Aluminium, the new focal point that brings Société de la Vallée de l’Aluminium (SVA), the Transal network, AluQuébec and Créneau d’excellence en transformation d’aluminium together under one roof.

Inaugurated on October 12, 2022, at 1866 Saint-Paul Blvd in Chicoutimi, Espace Aluminium is above all a gateway for processing companies seeking to obtain information or support for the development of their aluminium projects.

“Coming together under one roof prevents companies from having to figure out which door to knock on for the support they need,” says Lilianne Savard, SVA General Manager. “We each have our expertise and can refer companies that approach us to the resource that is best able to meet their needs.”

Whether for financial, organisational, technological or operational assistance, Espace Aluminium brings together all the necessary expertise to support and drive regional projects. Although each member organisation will continue to work on separate files, they will also be called upon to collaborate on other shared projects. The new offices in Chicoutimi will allow various stakeholders to get together and give business people the chance to connect through various networking initiatives.

“This type of association is a big step forward for the entire industry. We choose to work together to promote the development of the aluminium industry. This is a first. I’m sure major projects will come out of this,” says Savard.

So far, the industry’s response has been excellent. Many processing companies have expressed their enthusiasm for the association between SVA, the Transal network, AluQuébec and Créneau d’excellence en transformation d’aluminium. In fact, several hundred people came to visit the offices for the inauguration.