Grande-Baie Works Wins Logan Aluminium’s Supplier of the Year Award

Pictured: Martin Bouchard and Martin Gagnon, Casting Operators at Grande-Baie Works, holding the Logan Aluminium recognition plaque.

For a second year in a row, Rio Tinto has received the Supplier of the Year award from Logan Aluminium (Novelis), one of the biggest players in aluminium transformation in North America. This prestigious award reaffirms the position of Grande-Baie Works as a leader in the manufacture of rolling lingots for can production.

Simon L’Heureux, Casthouse Manager at Grande-Baie Works, explained that his team’s work consists of using the liquid metal produced during the smelting process to produce lingots, which are, in turn, used to manufacture various products, from aluminium cans to automobiles.

“Several clients use our lingots,” L’Heureux added, “including Logan Aluminium, which is our main customer for rolling ingots. What sets apart the Grande-Baie Works casthouse is everyone’s commitment to delivering world-class quality lingots on time. The expertise and commitment of our teams play a big part in our success.”

Supplier of the Year

Every month, Grande-Baie Works receives a supplier rating and feedback from Logan Aluminium. At the end of the year, the company selects its best supplier based on criteria such as product quality, reliability in terms of delivering on time, production stability and after-sales support.

“Logan Aluminium doesn’t have a lot of suppliers,” L’Heureux stated. “It’s interesting to note that they have their own production line that does the same work we do. So we even outperformed their own team.”

According to L’Heureux, the Supplier of the Year award was won as a team. Everyone did their part in earning this recognition, including the commercial teams, technical groups, operations groups and maintenance groups.

He added, “Most of the work is done at the smelter, but several people in support are involved. We don’t work to win awards, but being recognized as the best is always gratifying. It’s a great source of pride.”