Power Operations Welcomes 35 New Employees

In 2021, more than 35 new employees joined the Power Operations team, most of them to replace retiring employees. Such a massive influx of new staff over such a short period of time is unusual. The various teams proudly welcomed the new hires, enthusiastically sharing their knowledge and passion for their work.

Seventeen of these new hires joined the project team.

Michael Bergeron, Project Supervisor, said, “These new employees have soon become part of our team, and we are so thrilled to have them. Our workers are proud of what they do, and they are excited to share their know-how. By passing on their knowledge, they hope that the new employees will be able to quickly contribute to the success of the projects. Power Operations is a pleasant and innovative place to work.”

A network of employees

The recent hires brought with them a breath of fresh air. “They bring new work practices,” noted Dany Girard, Project Supervisor. “We are balancing our existing expertise with their skills, which we are integrating into our processes.”

Five linespeople, four Network Control Centre/Isle-Maligne Power Station operators, two Testing and Analysis technicians, as well as seven mechanics and one electrician in the Saguenay area have joined the Power Operations team. “We are seeing a democratisation of knowledge—the more experienced employees are taking the new ones under their wing, and they are eager to share their expertise,” said Marc-André Gagné, Manager, Production Lines and Testing and Analysis. “And the new employees are keen and curious, and show a great deal of interest in learning, which makes training go faster and means that they can quickly be fully up to speed.”

Mickael Audet, Technician, Testing and Analysis since 2021, said, “We are paired with experienced people and have the opportunity to learn new skills. This field is developing at a fast pace, and we are lucky to work alongside colleagues who want to share their knowledge so that we can assimilate rapidly.”

 New hire Pascal Fortin, Operator, Network Control Centre/Isle-Maligne Power Station, noted, “As soon as we arrived, we received training to become more familiar with our job. We are paired with colleagues who all answer our questions to the best of their abilities. We all help each other, and we feel welcomed and supported.”

“I feel lucky to have been so well supported when I started in December 2021,” said Martin Richard, Mechanic, Saguenay area. “Since I am an industrial mechanic, the world of hydroelectricity was new to me, but with training and my colleagues’ help, I was able to quickly understand how the various facilities work. I am currently working on an exciting project where I can contribute and gain experience. It’s the best way to learn.

“I was hired in June 2021 and what struck me right away when I started was the support and warm welcome I received,” added Samuel Boudreault, Mechanic, Lac-St-Jean area. “Colleagues form a tight-knit group with both fellow workers and the managers who care about our success and inclusion. We are always given very clear instructions on how to do our job and we are very well supported. Our questions are welcome and there is a real sense of camaraderie within the team.

A stimulating and forward-looking environment

New hires get a chance to work in several areas and in a variety of operational contexts. Claudia Girard, Manager, Projects, said, “It’s a stimulating experience because the variety of projects makes it possible for employees to quickly gain a wide range of knowledge and therefore diversify their expertise.”

Indeed, there is no shortage of projects around asset maintenance.

 Guillaume Richer, Project Supervisor, noted, “We are currently making significant investments in our production equipment. This is a vibrant, fast-paced field.”

Among the projects underway is the turbine-generator unit 2 at Isle-Maligne Power Station, a major challenge that gave the employees the opportunity to get involved and hone their skills.