The Level of Lac Saint-Jean Soon to Be More Stable

Forecasts anticipate that the level of Lac Saint-Jean could be more stable over the next few weeks. It currently sits at 11.7 feet.

Level of Lac Saint-Jean more stable

Forecasts as of 16 September 2021:

11.5 feet – 23 September

11.4 feet – 30 September

11.5 feet – 7 October

Fall rains expected


The fall is usually a good time for precipitation. This generally allows the level of Lac Saint-Jean to rise gradually around October. This rise in water level provides us with an essential reserve of water to continue supplying our plants during the cold season. With run-off being at its lowest in winter, our power stations can still meet the energy needs of our plants by using the water that is stored in our reservoirs.

Enough of these fall rains could cause the level of Lac Saint-Jean to rise again within a few weeks. Mother Nature will have the last word.

Be careful!


The situation on Lac Saint-Jean is quite different from what it normally is. Boaters and fishermen should take the necessary measures according to the level of the lake and the forecasts and remain vigilant on the water and on the shoreline to avoid any incident.

We also continue to follow the authorised government parameters for water management, communicate regularly on changes in the situation, and work in collaboration with local representatives.

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