2022 Contractor Gala: Highlighting our Partners

On 2 June, Rio Tinto celebrated its partners at the Contractor Gala, a breakfast event held at the port area hangar. With about a hundred guests in attendance, nine contractors who had excelled in seven categories were presented with honorary plaques in recognition of their skills and expertise. The theme of the event was “Climb aboard!” to highlight the importance of working together, just like a ship’s crew must do, to overcome challenges. The organising committee believes that planning and preparing for a trip and leaving port with a committed, motivated crew is key to successfully completing projects and arriving safely at the destination port.

All partners had the opportunity to submit their applications in one or more categories to a selection committee made up of Rio Tinto professionals. They had to explain to the committee why they deserved the award. Although there were many applicants in 2022, more contractors are encouraged to apply in 2023. Kim Larouche, a member of the organising committee, believes that this is an ideal opportunity to gain recognition and visibility.

The winners of each category are:

  • Zero Harm: EGL, PGS and Construction Rock Dufour. They were selected for their excellent performance in health, safety and environment, as well as their corporate culture and annual assessments.
  • TVO and Value Creation: Wajax. They were selected for their ability to identify and execute value-creating opportunities and deliver outstanding results.
  • Innovation: Réfraco. They were selected for their Bricklayer Robot, an innovation that allows them to lay bricks and build walls completely autonomously using a robotic arm.
  • Employee health and well-being: Pulsar. They were selected as the first to be awarded the “Concivili” seal by the Ministère de la Famille du Québec in recognition of their commitment to balancing work and family life.
  • Environmentally friendly partner: Grimard. They were selected for their fleet of fully electric vehicles, in use at the Complexe Jonquière since 2022, demonstrating their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Community ambassador: SPS. They were selected for their involvement in local charities and community work and their active participation in various organisations, making them true ambassadors for the community.
  • People’s Choice 2022: EGL. They were selected for their leadership in many areas, including responsiveness, timeliness, collaboration, flexibility and professionalism, as well as their commitment to the environment and health and safety.

For Rio Tinto, these contractors are key pillars and allies on whom we can rely to successfully carry out our projects. In addition to their professional skills, they are valued for their commitment and sense of partnership. Over the years, a solid relationship of trust has been built between the company and its partners, and we would like to thank them all. Thank you to the members of the organising committee, Julie Boillat, Mireille Aubut, Grégoire Gaudreault, Marie-Christine Boucher and Kim Larouche, for making this event a great success.