Complexe Jonquière Fire Station Gets a Makeover

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In the last few months, the Complexe Jonquière fire station has undergone a major facelift. The premises were transformed from floor to ceiling, with new lighting, furnishings, and wall colours. For the ten or so employees working there, the benefits of the renovations are not just aesthetic—they all agree that their quality of life at work has been greatly improved.

“The fire station is our living space,” said firefighter Dany Allard. “We are there 24 hours a day. Having such a nice work environment motivates us and makes us feel good! People even seem happier to me.”

The building had not been renovated in many years; the appliances, the furniture, and the pastel colours were worn and faded.

“Making improvements such as those made to the fire station is a way of taking care of the people who are our main resource,” says Maxime Ouellet, Complexe Jonquière’s fire chief for the last 21 years.

Last December, Régis Tremblay, Director of Engineering, Contractor Management, and Safety, visited the fire station and met with the employees. The conversations were very constructive.

“We really felt that our recommendations were heard,” said Ouellet. “In the weeks that followed, we received a visit from Jean-Sébastien Brindle, Manager of Regional Security, and a project manager, and the work began in February.”

The renovations lasted two months. Like all major works, those at the fire station required some time to adapt, which was well worth it since everyone can now enjoy the fruits of all the efforts made.

Everyone agrees that these improvements make a huge difference. The fire station is a better place to live, and the layout is more functional. “It’s livelier and cosier,” said Éric Tremblay, Fire Prevention Inspector, Jonquière plant. “A heat pump was installed, so our workplace is more comfortable no matter the season.”

Allard then added, “It was important to me that we have a space to gather, and this was factored into the renovations. Now, with everything more functional and centralised, we can do our work more efficiently.”

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