Update on the myVoice Programme

Below please find an update on myVoice, our new confidential reporting programme designed to help you voice concerns when something at work doesn’t feel right.

We launched myVoice in March with a number of enhancements, including a fully dedicated Business Conduct Office (BCO).

To date, the response to the enhanced programme has been positive. We are seeing a noticeable increase in reporting, which tells us that more people are feeling comfortable to share concerns. The BCO team continues to show care and commitment to the following principles:

  • Listening to you – there is no concern that is not worth reporting
  • Keeping all reports confidential
  • Making sure you feel safe to raise concerns, protecting you from retaliation
  • Treating everyone respectfully

Greater independence, safety, and protection

We recognise that people have different experiences, and we continue to listen to your feedback. For instance, we understand that some colleagues still wonder if the process is truly confidential and protects them from retaliation when concerns are reported.

We take this feedback seriously and know how important it is for you to feel safe and protected at all times. And we know how critical it is for myVoice to be an independent programme to listen to and investigate, when appropriate, your concerns.

To further support this independence, we have agreed that the Business Conduct Office and the Investigations team will also report regularly to the Group Ethics & Compliance Committee (GECC).  

We have also established a sub-committee of the GECC to supervise the activities of the myVoice programme and investigations assigned by the Business Conduct Office. The sub-committee will also review compliance-related metrics and assess resulting risk insights.

Your feedback matters

We will continue to listen and evolve the programme based on your feedback. This is vital – myVoice is your programme and will only succeed if it meets your needs. Please let us know if you have any additional thoughts.

In the meantime, below is a brief video on how myVoice works and what happens when you report a concern. 

And please keep in mind that you can log a report at any time at www.riotintomyvoice.com, or discuss your concerns with a leader, a colleague, or any member of People (HR).