First Ship Docks on the New Dolphin at La Baie Port Facilities

An important step was taken in the major modernisation project of the wharves and the alumina unloading process (the MQDA project or Modernisation des quais et du déchargement d’alumine) at port facilities. Yesterday, the first ship docked at the new platform built at the end of Duncan Wharf.

Thanks to this new structure—a “dolphin” in nautical terms—the port facilities will be better adapted to ships’ current dimensions, and it will be safer to moor ships. With the dolphin ready for use, the project has now hit the halfway mark, and is scheduled for completion in December 2022. Now that this milestone has been achieved, the teams are continuing their efforts to deliver the project on time.

This project, announced last February, is backed by an investment of 105 million CAD, with an estimated economic impact of $60 million for Quebec. One of the primary goals behind this investment is to improve the safety and efficiency of raw material receiving and unloading operations.

At the port facilities, which have been in operation since 1926, some 125 ships are unloaded each year, and over five million tons of raw materials used in aluminium production are transported to Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.