Rio Tinto Welcomes 45 New Interns and Recent Graduates

Photo Le Quotidien Rocket Lavoie

Experiences and interests were shared this 16 June, as a cohort of 45 students and recent graduates gathered at the Manoir du Saguenay for a welcome event celebrating their arrival at Rio Tinto. Looking towards the future, these up-and-coming youths are eager to have a meaningful work experience and, above all, to realise their potential by contributing to projects with a positive and lasting impact.

The interns who attended the event are currently studying at the post-secondary level in subjects such as science, engineering, computer science and mathematics at a variety of educational institutions, including Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC), Université Laval, Polytechnique Montreal and Université de Sherbrooke.

The recent graduates are all new permanent employees launching their careers at the organisation.

At Rio Tinto, curious, enquiring minds discover a workplace rife with opportunities to excel. The multinational encourages new ideas, knowing well that they can lead to safer, smarter and more sustainable methods. Rio Tinto also boasts a programme designed specifically for new recruits.

“We believe it’s important to welcome students and recent graduates joining the Rio Tinto community, where they will develop not only professionally but also personally,” said Isabelle Ferron, Principal Advisor, Graduate Talent for Rio Tinto. “We want the next generation to take full advantage of this opportunity to become leaders and shape the world of tomorrow.”

Photo: Rocket Lavoie, Le Quotidien

Originally from Gatineau, Ismaël Besbes is a student at Polytechnique Montreal and has a bachelor’s in mathematics. He has been a metallurgy intern at Alma Works since 9 May. Ismaël loves learning, can’t resist a challenge and appreciates both the diversity of projects that he has been able to work on and the autonomy that he has in his internship.

“I have the opportunity to get involved in many projects involving many different processes,” he says. “In addition to metallurgy, I’m also doing mechanics. […] I can get a feel for what might interest me in the future and explore multiple avenues. It allows me to develop my skills, which is really motivating!”

Photo: Rocket Lavoie, Le Quotidien

Myriam Lapointe, UQAC graduate in civil engineering, is working as an engineering project manager at Grande-Baie Works, where she has a hand in every stage of project implementation. She is a candidate to the engineering profession and enjoys seeing projects through every step of the way, from an idea’s conception to its realisation. “Things move fast!” she says. “The team has great chemistry, and people are happy to welcome new employees. Everyone is open to sharing their knowledge and training the next generation. I have my own projects and learn a lot from my direct manager, too. […] It’s very hands-on, and you learn quickly! Rio Tinto gives its employees the chance to have an enriching career and offers opportunities for advancement in many areas. That’s what I’m aspiring to in my career.” Myriam also says that she appreciates the organisation’s proactive approach to women’s inclusion. “A lot of the interns are women. It’s important that they feel that they have a place in this majority-male industry.”

Rio Tinto wishes a warm welcome to all the new interns and recent graduates in its various facilities across the region.

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