Petite Décharge River: A Promising Development for the Community

A contribution of $150,000 has been allocated to this project through the Rio Tinto Aluminium Canada Fund and Rio Tinto’s Regional Economic Development (RED) und.

On 19 August, the project to develop and enhance Alma’s Petite Décharge River shoreline, which the city of Alma has been eager to undertake for nearly two decades, was unveiled. The project, whose construction began two years ago, has made it possible to give back to the people of Alma this living space in the heart of downtown.

Working with communities is a priority, and Rio Tinto is a proud partner in this project. Indeed, a contribution of $150,000 was allocated to it through the Rio Tinto Aluminium Canada Fund and Rio Tinto’s Regional Economic Development Fund.

Being involved in community projects is one of our priorities,” said Emmanuel Bergeron, Director, Regional Economic Development at Rio Tinto. “We are committed to supporting the various initiatives in the places where we operate. In addition, sustainable development and economic development are two important aspects of this project.

The full potential of the area has been exploited so that community members can now thoroughly enjoy it. Teams have naturalised the shoreline by adding natural rocks and greenery. New infrastructure to make the space inviting and safe include a comfort station, play and training structures, street furniture—manufactured right here in the region—and an ornamental fence along the river. Cyclists will also be delighted with the bike access, e-bike charging stations, and a bike repair station.

Technical issues had to be considered in the delivery of this project to ensure that it was completed safely and on time. Since some of the work was done in the spring, it was also necessary to consider the rising waters and the river’s water levels. Work was planned in collaboration with Power Operations, the Rio Tinto division that produces the hydroelectricity needed for aluminium operations in the region, to ensure low water flow during the various project activities.

The Petite Décharge River, which runs through downtown Alma, contributes to the management of Power Operations’ water operations and is an important waterway for Rio Tinto. Developing its shoreline has been a great way to enhance this important natural attraction that is an integral part of the Alma landscape.