Technology Community Launched at the ARDC

Formation sur l’utilisation des caméras thermiques.

Technology is an integral part of the various research and development projects undertaken by teams at Rio Tinto’s Arvida Research and Development Centre (ARDC). Driven by the desire to pool and share knowledge, the ARDC launched its new technology community last December, bringing together 12 experts from different fields.

Regarded as one of the largest private aluminium research centres in North America, the ARDC is in constant contact with a network of partners, including Canadian and international universities, laboratories, specialised centres and equipment manufacturers. It is committed to providing technological solutions to all its customers.

Members of the technology community: Benoît Brassard, Carbon Technician; Raphael Girard, Instrumentation Technician; Éric Laplante, Instrumentation Programme Manager, Tobie Cerclet, Bauxite & Alumina Research Scientist; Fabienne Gazanion, Carbon Programme Manager; François Girard, Environment Technician; Yannick Bouchard, Instrumentation Research Scientist; Julie Néron, Carbon Technician; Luc Dubé, Electrolysis Technician; Jean-François Gravel, Analytical Technology Programme Manager; Jonathan Verreault, Infrastructure and R&D Operations Manager; and Guillaume Garneau, Bauxite & Alumina Technician (absent).

Better Serving R&D Projects and Customers

The goal the technology community is to create new business opportunities and gain in efficiency. The concept is simple: leverage the strength of the group to develop a deeper understanding of the technologies available on the market.

“Being a community makes it easier for us to be aware of the technologies that may be relevant to our R&D projects and their applications. By using the most effective tools, we can improve our speed of execution, access new data and reduce or even eliminate health and safety risks,” says Fabienne Gazanion, Carbon Programme Manager, Aluminium Technology Solutions – ARDC.

With a focus on knowledge sharing, both to keep abreast of the latest technology and to suggest new equipment, the community plans to hold several meetings to further develop the spirit of collaboration that already exists within the group.

“A lot of technology is within our reach. By bringing together several specialists, it becomes easier to assess the full potential of one technology rather than another. In order to use the most appropriate tools for different projects, we need to have a better understanding of their applications.”

During these discussions, the twelve community members can suggest new equipment and invite suppliers to give demonstrations.

“What makes me even more proud than seeing people working together and sharing is seeing our ideas being developed, tested, adapted and retested, thanks to the dedication and unique expertise of our people,” says Josette Ross, Director at Arvida Research and Development Centre (ARDC).

These initiatives will benefit the ARDC by giving it greater insight into its processes and operations, furthering its mission to bring innovative technologies to plants and work environments.

Community members

  • Benoît Brassard, Carbon Technician
  • Raphael Girard, Instrumentation Technician
  • Éric Laplante, Instrumentation Programme Manager
  • Tobie Cerclet, Bauxite & Alumina Research Scientist
  • Fabienne Gazanion, Carbon Programme Manager
  • François Girard, Environment Technician       
  • Yannick Bouchard, Instrumentation Research Scientist
  • Julie Néron, Carbon Technician
  • Luc Dubé, Electrolysis Technician
  • Jean-François Gravel, Analytical Technology Programme Manager
  • Jonathan Verreault, Infrastructure and R&D Operations Manager
  • Guillaume Garneau, Bauxite & Alumina Technician (absent)