Alma Health and Safety Week in Review

With many employees still teleworking, the Alma Works health and safety committee faced some challenges this year in holding its Health and Safety Week.

During that week, booths are usually set up in the plant, and employees are invited to participate in various conferences. This year, the committee created the “À vous de moi” (“You and me”) contest, which encouraged health, safety and environment (HSE) interactions.

“Annie Girard, a new operator at the plant, came up with the idea of having a contest where employees would write down their interactions on a form and drop it in a box to enter the draw. Participation was outstanding, and it’s reassuring to see that the plant’s teams are still as committed to safety as ever,” said Annick Lapointe, HSE Advisor at Alma Works.

In addition to the contest, employees were invited to participate in a survey on the plant’s Facebook page. The correct answers were then shared on the plant’s screens. So, it’s safe to say that despite the challenges, this year’s Health and Safety Week was a success.