The Chute-des-Passes Forest Road Committee Meets with Road Users

On 23 September the Chute-des-Passes forest road committee, which is made up of representatives from Power Operations, the Coopérative Forestière de Petit Paris, Hydro-Québec, Rébec, and Resolute Forest Products, organised a day dedicated to raising awareness among users of the Chemin des Passes. Two officers from Sûreté du Québec were also on site to support the initiative.

This is an opportunity for us to connect with people in a friendly manner and start a conversation on the importance of being more alert on this road,” said Claude Martel, Supervisor at Chute-des-Passes Power Station. “We received good feedback from the road’s users. They were very open to discussion. By sharing good safety practices, we hope to encourage people to adopt responsible behaviours such as carrying a CB radio, driving carefully, refraining from passing other road users, and always keeping to the right.

By the end of the day, committee members had spoken with more than one hundred hunters and vacationers. The discussions, which focused on road safety, revealed that many people who use this road are already well aware of good safety practices, a sign that the awareness-raising work is making a difference. 

As the hunting season got underway, the committee also distributed a Hunting Safety Checklist (in French), designed by Sylvain Tremblay and Jean-Denis Côté, who are colleagues at Rio Tinto. Coupons for a CB radio draw were also distributed to road users and the winner was announced at the end of the day.

every two months, hopes to share the various safety issues through specific actions and in this way contribute to the improvement of good practices. Due to its geographical location, the Chemin des Passes is subject to unique weather fluctuations and so caution is always required to adapt to Mother Nature’s vagaries.

This campaign was a great collaboration with all the partners to raise community awareness on safety right here at home.