Alma’s Treatment Plants Get a Facelift

Last fall, two of the four treatment plants that surround Alma Works got a facelift. The plants were built in 2000 and needed some restoration work to remain completely safe and reliable.

The plants are strategically located to measure and monitor various air quality parameters in real time. They serve as indicators to help Alma Works meet current environmental standards.

Alma Works is legally required to collect this data to keep its environmental licence to operate. For this reason, a mobile sampling station was deployed during the work to continue collecting air quality data.

The refurbishment project is part of the asset maintenance plan, which helps with the planning of some maintenance work to keep the buildings and equipment in good condition with a view to positioning Alma Works favourably for the future. The Maintenance and Engineering departments worked together on this project.

The $120,000 investment made it possible for us to renovate the Mistouk and St-Georges plants,” said Alexandre Harvey, Area Engineer, Engineering. “The major works included refurbishing the staircase and the walkway leading to the measurement devices, the wooden railings, and the fence. We also re-roofed the buildings to make them completely waterproof and weatherproof.

He added, “It was important for this work to be done because the buildings are near the public. These renovations are also key to maintaining our environmental licence to operate. So, we want the buildings to be secure and the access points to remain compliant.”