Mission Accomplished for the Participants of the Leucan Ultramarathon

As part of the Ultramarathon to benefit Leucan, 16 employees of Alma Works formed a team to take on this monumental challenge. Since outdoor races are not exempt from the various health regulations in place, the experience was modified so that all runners could take up the challenge in complete safety.

Team members raced individually, and the total number of kilometres raced was then added up. The Alma Works team recorded more than 700 kilometres over four days. As a result, they were able to donate $4,800 to Leucan. All the runners were very proud and very happy to have been able to run for a good cause. In fact, several team members used this opportunity to take on personal challenges by beating their own records. Leucan has been committed to supporting children with cancer and their families for over 35 years. Congratulations to all!