A Caregivers Conference to Better Support Co-workers

Le comité organisateur du colloque: Dominic Robin, coordonnateur,
Willy Ntetu, Service ingénierie, GE, sûreté,
Karine Bouchard, groupe Amélioration de la performance et groupes mutualisés
Mélanie Gagné, Énergie Électrique
Richard Hébert, UGB
Jonathan Verreault, CRDA
Nicolas Maltais, Vaudreuil
Absent sur la photo : Pascal Gauthier, agent d’aide

On November 17, 2022, the annual caregivers conference brought together some 120 people around an important topic: mental health. A training session gave caregivers, human resources representatives, managers and supervisors the opportunity to become better prepared to assist co-workers and build mutual support within work teams.

Present in all facilities in the region, caregivers are mindful of people who show signs of distress. They are trained to provide immediate assistance and direct colleagues in need to available resources.

The goal of the event was to get to know the people involved in the network of caregivers, a group of employees and managers who volunteer to lend a hand to anyone in need.

For Stéphanie Gignac, regional director and event sponsor, the caregivers conference is a concrete demonstration of the care shown throughout the organisation, where people are front and centre.

This friendly gathering offers many benefits to participants, who see it as an opportunity to strengthen the ties that bind them, but also to acquire a wealth of knowledge about an issue through practical training and workshops.

This year, the event focused on the theme La détresse : mieux comprendre pour mieux agir [Distress: Better understanding for more effective action]. Guest speaker, trainer and retired adjunct professor of Université Laval’s school of social work, Gille Tremblay has been interested in men’s health and wellness for the past 40 years. A clinician and experienced researcher, he has dedicated his career to issues affecting men.

The training sessions and workshops given by Tremblay as part of the conference resonated with participants, for whom this event is beneficial, since it allows them to reflect on how to address sensitive topics and ensure employee well-being.