Open House at Alma Works: Discovering a Stimulating Work Environment

On 20 April 2022, Alma Works held a recruitment open house. Candidates interested in joining the Rio Tinto family as electrical technicians were invited to explore the heart of the smelter while enjoying happy hour.

“We currently have several openings for this position in our facilities,” explained Sabrina Dionne, Human Resources Advisor at Alma Works. “We launched a recruitment campaign and ended up receiving numerous applications. We then selected thirteen candidates for further consideration and asked them to come and meet us during our open house.”

A Friendly Evening

Candidates were welcomed by Patrice Bergeron, Operations Director at Alma Works, who gave them an overview of the facilities. As Alma Works is engaged in all sorts of projects, the candidates had the chance to learn the full scope of the large-scale projects they might work on as part of the Rio Tinto team. The candidates were also able to discuss benefits and workplace wellness with current employees who were on site to share their experiences.

One of these employees was Olivier Nadeau-Bouffard, who has been working at Alma Works as an electrical technician for two years now. Olivier said he is motivated by the pride he takes in his work, the benefits offered and the sense of accomplishment he feels after a job well done. Beyond that, he is driven by the opportunity to find his place and build a career that meets his aspirations.

Visiting the Heart of the Smelter

The evening continued with a guided tour of the facilities on board a bus. The candidates went into the heart of the smelter and got to see the modern equipment and high-tech machinery used to produce tonnes of certified aluminium. This was an opportunity for candidates to picture themselves working in this environment.

If you too would like to start a new adventure and join the Rio Tinto family, you can still apply online: