A Special Welcome for the 700th Member of the Facebook Group for Vaudreuil Works, IPSF and Distribution Jonquière

Michel Ellefsen, a retired Port Facilities employee, was surprised with an aluminium rooster, presented to him by Martin Lavoie, Operations Director for Vaudreuil Works, Port Facilities and Railway Services and Distribution Jonquière. Michel received this award because he had recently become the 700th person to join the employee Facebook group. This was also an opportunity to recognise an employee who dedicated his career to Port Facilities.

Aline Cottin, Senior Advisor, Communities and Communications, commented, “Our retirees are our ambassadors. When you’ve spent your whole career, or much of it, at the same facility, you have a special attachment to it. That’s why we wanted to celebrate in a special way when we noticed that our 700th member was Michel, one of the most dedicated employees we’ve had. We thank Michel and his wife for welcoming us into their home. We were able to share some wonderful moments together.”

Michel added, proudly, “In my 37-year career, I never saw an employee receive the aluminium rooster. Typically, it’s given to the captain of the first ship of the year to arrive at Port-Alfred. It’s a priceless gift and very symbolic for me, as it represents the many years I spent working at Port Facilities.”

Although it has been 12 years since Michel hung up his dockworker uniform, he has kept alive his passion for the maritime industry. Eager to share his knowledge, Michel created a blog that provides a wealth of information about this industry. He discusses the arrival of ships at Port Facilities, the supply chain, work in progress and much more. These posts include photos from a local photographer who is also a ship enthusiast.

To keep adding to this little goldmine of information, Michel stays up to date on the goings on at Port Facilities with the help of employees he has stayed in touch with. He also uses the employee Facebook group to communicate with some of them and get the latest news on his former workplace.

Michel added, “I know the port like the back of my hand, but I like to talk with employees to learn more about the changes in recent years. I used to get information from the ship captains. They taught me a great deal, and now I’m able to pass this information on to others.”

To see Michel’s blog, a real historical gem, visit michelellefsen9.wixsite.com/royaumedufjord.