Caregivers’ Happy Hour: Helping Others Together

During the evening, Bruno Turbide (centre) was presented with a lighthouse plaque as a token of appreciation for his contribution.

Caregivers build mutual support within Rio Tinto work teams. They are always available to lend an ear to colleagues in need, acting as a beacon of light for them. On 22 May, a happy hour event for caregivers was held at Le Calypso in Jonquière, bringing together several members of this network that is invaluable to workers’ wellbeing.

The goal of the event was to get to know the people involved in the network of caregivers, a group of hourly and staff employees who volunteer to lend a hand to anyone who feels the need.

Mindful of others and sensitive to people who show signs of distress, caregivers are trained to provide immediate assistance and guide colleagues in need to available resources.

This friendly gathering was an opportunity to highlight the valuable contribution of caregivers. About sixty people attended the event, including several members of the mental health committee and the regional committee, as well as the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean caregivers.

Also present were Laurent Garneau from Consult-Action, Bruno Turbide, a recently retired social worker, Stéphanie Gignac, Director of Operations at P155 and sponsor of the regional committee, Pascal Gauthier, Caregiver, and Donat Person from SNEAA.

The guests had the opportunity to attend a conference on dealing with anxiety disorders, presented by Caroline Lavoie, Social Worker and Trainer.

The event also celebrated the work and contribution of Bruno Turbide in his role as a social worker. For many years, Mr. Turbide has served as a reference for the network of caregivers, in addition to being a guide for employees and managers. A lighthouse plaque was presented to him to mark his retirement after 33 years of service. Pascal Gauthier succeeds him in the role of social worker.

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