Chief Controller at the Vaudreuil Operational Centre

A chief controller is a senior employee who is responsible for the management of operations for the six areas of Vaudreuil Works.

Working at Complexe Jonquière’s Vaudreuil Works, Frédéric Rossignol and Marco Néron are both chief controllers at the new Vaudreuil Operational Centre. Both men are well equipped to optimise production by efficiently coordinating the various areas of the plant, as they previously held more technical positions through which they gained extensive knowledge of the process.

The new chief controller position is central to operations and provides a great opportunity for advancement at Vaudreuil Works.

As Chief Controller, what are your responsibilities?

Frédéric: We are a bit like orchestra conductors, making sure that the plant runs smoothly so that each area is as efficient as possible. This position was created shortly after the recent construction of the Vaudreuil Operational Centre, through which we were able to set up a centralised operations management system. So now, we are in the process of fine-tuning the position according to needs and requests.

Marco: We are responsible not only for coordinating the various works, but also for passing on our technical knowledge to the work teams. It is an important job because 100% of the production is in our hands.

What might a typical day at work look like for you?

Frédéric: Our role varies since we alternate between day and night shifts. During the day we are involved in the work so as to coordinate it efficiently, whereas at night we spend more time monitoring standard production, using our dashboards to detect any anomalies.

Marco:  Our work is very diverse, both day and night, because the projects are never the same. At night, we have to watch for deviations in the process and be ready to address problems quickly so as to limit any impact. We work with eight different control screens. During the day, we work more as a team to make sure that operations run smoothly, especially during production.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Frédéric: I like that we are always in the thick of things and directly involved in the projects. Each area has its own challenges, but we need to see the bigger picture to achieve optimal production through proper coordination.

Marco: Our day-to-day work is fluid, diverse, and people oriented as we work with many people from different areas. We use our expertise to do everything we possibly can to be part of the solution and guide employees to the best of our knowledge. It is very rewarding.

What makes you proud?

Frédéric: I am proud to be part of the organisational change—it is rewarding to have the opportunity to help the organisation develop further. I feel that I am contributing to a new chapter, and there are many challenges ahead for our team.

Marco: I am proud to work for a refinery that is constantly changing. Since March 2021, several million dollars have been invested to keep operations going, and we are all working together to modernise our facilities as much as possible so as to ensure the plant’s long-term viability.

What qualities would you say are needed to take on a role like yours in the organisation?

Frédéric: I think that the typical profile of a good chief controller is that of a generalist rather than a specialist. What I mean is that a good chief controller must be able to see the big picture of the operations, to master and understand the specifics of the process.

Marco: As this is an important decision-making position, people in this role have to be able to make decisions while keeping their cool. Good communication and interpersonal skills also help us to work together with our work teams.