Electrical Technician at Alma Works

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Having worked as an electrical technician at Alma Works for two years now, Olivier Nadeau is proud to hold this position, which he describes as stimulating. Beyond the pride, the benefits, and the sense of accomplishment, what motivates Olivier in his work is having the chance to find his place and build a career that fulfils his aspirations.

As an electrical technician, what do you do?

Electrical technicians are involved in different areas and projects depending on the work demands and the work in progress. Our role is to keep the equipment up and running. We have to deal with emergencies and “put out fires” when a breakdown occurs so as to prevent any impact on production. We also do preventive maintenance on equipment such as automation systems, operator interfaces, electrical power units, overhead cranes, and more.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

My day-to-day has plenty of variety and new challenges. Being an electrical technician is anything but repetitive and routine, because in addition to our daily tasks, we are required to work on new projects. At the beginning of each shift, there is a team meeting during which we outline what needs to be done. For example, when major works are underway, our role is to take charge of the project’s technical requirements so that the equipment can keep running in the background, and the plant can continue to operate.

What do you like about your job?

The work environment is terrific, and everyone gets along well. There is a great sense of camaraderie between the different trades, and we all help each other out. Safety is also important. We feel that our health and wellbeing are considered, and that is an added value to my job. We also have great benefits. For example, we have the option to build up hours and convert them into weeks of vacation—this is something we are allowed to do from our first day of work.

What are you most proud of?

It is a source of pride to work for a company that is well established in the region and that contributes to the development of our local and global economy. Alma Works is the ideal place for electrical technicians to perfect their knowledge because the plant is always being modernised. Through technological progress and the modernisation of the different areas, we gain more knowledge, and this is very formative and stimulating.

What qualities must a person have to succeed in this job?

Since this field is constantly evolving, people working in it must have a thirst for learning. A positive and safety-minded attitude is also key to meeting the daily challenges of our job. I would say that being able to adapt and having the resourcefulness to find solutions quickly are also essential, especially when we work in emergency mode.

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