Building the Rio Tinto Retirement Community

The Quebec Federation of Rio Tinto and Alcan Retirees offers former employees the opportunity to maintain the ties that bound them together during their careers with the multinational. It also aims to provide as many retirees as possible with all relevant information and to act as a point of reference for any questions or concerns they may have.

In the early 1990s, Rio Tinto expressed an interest in bringing retirees together, and the Quebec Federation of Rio Tinto and Alcan Retirees was founded around this vision. Today, nearly 1,600 retirees are members of one of the eleven associations that make up the Federation, for the facilities of Beauharnois, Shawinigan, Arvida, Vaudreuil, Saguenay, Grande-Baie, Roberval-Saguenay, Power Operations (North and South) and Alma.

“The Federation’s main purpose is to bring retirees together and overcome their isolation. Over the years, several associations have emerged and joined the Federation. Each of them organises activities for their members and passes on information,” said Gilles Gaudreault, President of the Federation.

When people retire and start this new chapter in their lives, they naturally have fewer opportunities to keep in touch with former colleagues. Information about relevant issues, which used to be passed on in the workplace, must be communicated in other ways. The Federation provides a platform for these exchanges.

“We make sure that we pass on relevant information to retirees. I often get phone calls from retirees or their family members who aren’t familiar with certain procedures, such as pension or drug insurance […] We have an excellent working relationship with Rio Tinto. As with any large organisation, it can sometimes be difficult to find your way around and know who to contact. The Federation is there to guide them.”

A common vision

To ensure that all members are up to date on matters that concern them, the Federation uses the most current communication tools to stay in touch with its members, notably the Facebook group “Retraités Québec – Rio Tinto.”

Soon, the Federation would like to computerise all its knowledge and make it available online. “Everyone will be able to have a personal account where they can update their information and access shared information,” said Gaudreault.

Plenty of activities for retirees

The various associations that make up the Quebec Federation of Rio Tinto and Alcan Retirees organise a wide range of activities for their members throughout the year. Trips, apple picking, museum visits, sugar shack outings, casino getaways, monthly breakfasts, annual banquets, bowling matches and happy hours are just a few examples of the many ways members can reconnect with old colleagues.

“For many people who haven’t seen each other in a long time, these events are like a reunion. They’re happy to see each other and catch up. The Federation has a very positive effect. Our role is to look after our retirees.”

Are you a Rio Tinto retiree interested in joining an association? Please contact one of the presidents below:

Alma Association

Philippe Lavoie (président)

Club Arvida

Rémi Gagné (président)

 Beauharnois Association

Gilles Auger (président)

Power Operationss

-North Sector Association

Patrice Girard (président)

Power Operationss

-South Sector Association

Michel Dallaire (président)



Daniel Sénéchal (président)
La Baie/ Port and Railway Facilities Association Vincent Boudreault (président)



Germain Bélanger (président)
Club Saguenay-Lapointe Gilles Gaudreault (président)



Claude Lamarche (président)



Claude Germain (président)