New Partnership Agreement to Fund Retirees’ Associations

We are delighted to increase our support to $97,000 per year for the annual activities of 11 retirees’ associations, which have more than 1,500 members and a Federation.

These associations organise several activities each year, allowing retirees to keep in touch with their former colleagues. The Federation also offers certain services, including the repair of watches given for 25 years of service.

Pictured above are some association representatives visiting the new community space in Arvida before its official opening.

Are you a Rio Tinto retiree interested in joining an association? Please contact one of the presidents below:



Philippe Lavoie (President)

Club Arvida

Rémi Gagné (President)

Beauharnois Association

Gilles Auger (President)

Power Operations—North Sector Association

Patrice Girard (President)

Power Operations—South Sector Association Michel Dallaire (President)



Daniel Sénéchal (President)
La Baie/Port and Railway Facilities Association Vincent Boudreault (President)

Laterrière Association Germain Bélanger (président)
Club Saguenay-Lapointe Gilles Gaudreault (President
Shawinigan Association Claude Lamarche (President)
Vaudreuil Association Claude Germain (President)