A New Look for the Roberval-Saguenay Locomotives

Photo : macphotographie

The year 2021 is one of celebrations for Vaudreuil Works as well as for Port and Railway Services, which are marking their 85th and 95th anniversaries respectively. An organising committee made up of employees from the various departments has been set up to find ways to commemorate these milestones. Revamping the look of the Roberval-Saguenay locomotives was chosen among the different initiatives proposed. Since 9 August, locomotives sporting completely new branding can be seen hitting the tracks.

The unveiling of the new design was a great source of pride for the teams, who have found a way to highlight these two important milestones not only with the employees, but also with the community, despite COVID-19.

The new artwork on the locomotives is a tribute to and recognition of the workers, and the families and people of the community who have coexisted with the facilities for almost a century.

The first slogan, “Bâtisseurs d’hier à demain” (builders from yesterday to tomorrow), honours the contribution and legacy of the men and women who have worked in the facilities over the years. It is also about recognising current employees for their many contributions, for their dedication, and for their skills, which today allow us to keep making history while continuing to innovate.

The second slogan, “Célébrons ensemble” (let’s celebrate together), is a message for the families whose lives are shaped by the operations, and for the communities that have been at the heart of the facilities since the very beginning.